“Art as Paper and Wood”

Welcome to "Art as Paper and Wood."  

Years ago while teaching in a very small rural town I made art, dabbling in oil, photography, jewelry-making and even some ceramics. Fifteen years ago I purchased a scroll saw and soon after that, a small second-hand table saw.  All the while I continued to paint.  As my wood shop expanded so did the projects I tackled. I am now a full-time artist working in wood and paper and that old table saw has been replaced. Along the way a watercolor painting class with a legendary painter also had significant impact on me.  My two-dimensional work has since focused on traditional and opaque watercolor on different types of papers.  My woodworking continues to evolve.

Paper and wood are as natural of a combination to me as carpentry and watercolor painting. Cabinetry requires structure, craftsmanship, precision and practical knowledge of materials and methods. Artistry requires imagination, style and finding one's voice. My work is dedicated to blending these qualities into unique creations.

I enjoy taking regular objects- jewelry, dishes, liquor bottles, paintings, etc. and surrounding them with art in the form of wood.  I also enjoy finding an image that excites.  Sometimes my paintings have one-of-a-kind frames.  Other times a painting is an image all onto itself.  Some wood projects are "literal," while others are stylized.  

I hope you like what you see on this website.  These works are entirely painted and constructed by me.  Pieces can be purchased “as-is,” or I will work with individuals customizing jewelry boxes or cabinets.  Portraits of houses and/or people with or without unique frames can be requested. If you see something you like, but need a different species of wood or different sizes, simply contact me.

Robert Slotterback


Artist Materials 

Paintings: Some of my paintings here are done in opaque watercolor on brown paper.  Others, as you can see, are done on watercolor paper.  To commission work please contact me.
Wood Species: Wood is a living material. Even after a tree has been felled, stripped of its bark, milled into pieces and dried, it continues to move. Moisture and temperature affect all wooden objects and my designs take this into account. For each work I focus both on stability and design. 
Below are samples of wood with which I consistently work. When using imported hardwoods I keep the sides and top of cabinets as thin as possible, only using solid pieces of wood for things such as legs, carcass sides, etc.
Any piece on this website can be made in different types of wood.  For custom ordering, please contact me directly.